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Become an Idea Machine!

You are under pressure..Your client needs a great idea and your brain feels frozen!

Learn how to figure out the core proble, find solutions and generate your amazing design ideas

Get ready for client overload!

Let’s become a Creative Idea Machine!

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Does this sound like you?

  • Deadline is looming and you are still trying to think of a good idea (ok any idea for that matter) for your project.

  • Do you feel like you have brain freeze…or that your brain is hurting from thinking so much.

  • Is your competitor always thinking of fresh new concepts? All.The.Time!!

  • Would you love to feel creative (after all this is why you are in this field) !?!

Now Image…

  • More Creativity: Get your creativity revved up with our arsenal of creativity booster.

  • Less Brain Freeze: Learn proven methods to help you generate not just one great idea for a project –but imagine having several to choose from!

  • More Clients: You will be the designer that is generating all those cool creative campaigns…You will be notices and your super happy (and money making) clients will be referring you to their (jealous) business friends who also want part of the money action. Now your problem will be too many clients (def. not a bad problem to have 🙂

  •  More Confidence: You will come into every client conversation and meeting very confident that you will be able to think of a perfect solution that will solve their core problem.

What this course is not

  • No ready made ideas: A misconception that some people have is, that this course will spoon feed you ready made ideas. It will not. Why? because every situation is unique, requiring a different grand idea. Would you like to produce designs that mimic other peoples’?

    In this course you will learn the process to generating great ideas, so that you can always plug in the problem you are trying to solve, and go through the idea generation process each time. It is not an instant process, you will need to take your time…after all, great ideas need some elbow grease to get rolling!

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The Problem
Explore what you think the problem. Learn different methods that will help you pinpoint what is really the problem that needs solving.

The Solution
This is when the action starts happening.. We will take our problem and run it through some powerful methods to generate creative solutions.

The Idea
Last stop: Take the solutions and craft them into the mind blowing ideas you have been waiting form. Learn how to bend, smooth, twist your way into THE creative idea! Become a Creative Idea Machine!


  • 3 super clear course modules
  • Gorgeous Digital Course Book.
  • Sample Design Problems. Get hands on practice as you go through the course.
  • Support. 2 months via online forum.
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