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How does this sound?
  • Create professional designs
    Learn how to create some awesome personal creations with your own photos (such as photo books, family trees, packaging, labels, collages, thank you cards) …Wait, and also be able to jazz up your day to day stuff such as school stuff and your family life!

  • Use your amazing creativity
    Photocreative will give you a sense of excitement and accomplishment. Imagine the combo of fun computers and creative cool photo projects. Yup it this the new creativity-perfect for you…Out with the mess…in with computerized craft projects

  • Create a business or a hobby
    You will learn how to create as a hobby, but also get the tools to turn it into a business. We share with you the best places to print, professional business templates and overall guidance that can help turn your hobby into a business.

Here is what you will learn

This 18 lesson course will teach you how to take your own photos and transform them into amazingly creative projects such as collages, photo books, calendars, family trees, cards and more. You will also get in depth knowledge and super tips on how to use the feature packed software, Photoshop Elements.

Learn photo editing and collaging

Photoshop Elements is a junior version of the world famous Photoshop. Some of the topics covered will be: Selections, collaging, masking, retouching and repairing photos, working with text, special effects and more. Each lesson will teach various tools in Photoshop elements…while going a step further to show you how to use these tools to create something creative with your own photos.

Not only will you get step by step training on how to complete specific photo projects, you will also gain the knowledge and flexibility of how to use your own innate creativity, in order to develop your own custom creations.

Create awesome projects

You are creative and I am sure you are interested in finding a new and innovative way to create personalized scrapbooks, keepsakes, calendars, coffee table books and more. You will learn how to take all the tools and skills you have learned in the first 13 lessons to create various realistic and creative projects such as collages, photo books, calendars, family trees, greeting cards, labels, party favors and more.

class projects
What is my investment?


Course shipped to you and accessed via USB. Includes 3 months of amazing support and feedback and 12 months of course video access.



Just wanted to introduce myself

Hi, I am Malkie Scholnick … The Founder and Course Director at The Bold Edge. I have helped many people on their road to becoming creative Designers.

I created PhotoCreative for creative individuals like you who love playing on the computer and have pictures that are begging for your creative touch.

I have taken the knowledge I have gained from teaching AND mentoring many creative teens and bundled it into a crystal clear, easy to understand series of video lessons and creative projects.

You will also benefit from our awesome support and feedback on your design projects…so that you will learn quickly to become a PhotoCreative.

Get ready to enter the world of design!

Straight from our amazing teens:

I’d like to take this opportunity to thank you for your amazing course.

I took the Photo Creative Course almost a year ago and I really learned tons. I always had a knack for graphics but, I there’s still nothing like learning it. I taught Microsoft Word to myself but, I always got frustrated (of course, because the program is not so flexible and totally not meant for playing around and creating masterpieces). So, the PhotoCreative Course was totally a great deal for me! By taking the course I was able to combine my talent with the knowledge and experience I was gaining.
The course was very clear, enjoyable and easy to follow!

People often asked me to do graphics for them and that’s what got me started. Although the Photo Creative Course is more photo related than graphics, since I know the ins and outs of Photoshop Elements, I’ve done all sorts of things like ads, products labels, logos and the like.

Devoiry S., Brooklyn, NY
Some common questions

You need to be comfortable using a computer. Don’t worry though, we will teach you the Photoshop Elements from ground zero!

We teach Photoshop Elements during the PhotoCreative Course. PhotoShop Elements is a junior version of Photoshop and includes gorgeous backgrounds, frames and graphics. The cost for Photoshop Elements is between $69-$99. This is a one time cost.

Once we receive your completed registration form we start preparing your program package.

Online Packages will receive their course login information by email within 24-48 hours. You will see on your course page all course outline booklets, course instructions and course videos and lesson files

USB Packages are packed into our signature stylish folder in which you will find:

  1. A course outline booklet which tells you what you will cover in each lesson along with a homework assignment.
  2. A QuickStart guide which gives you full information on how to get started and take the course (of course if you have questions you can contact us!)
  3. Your USB drive which contains all of the course videos, design videos, all files talked about during the lessons so that you can follow along on your own computer. A bonus section with lots of free downloaded images you can use in your projects and many amazing free fonts
  • Each lesson is made up of a video recording on which you hear the instructor talk and you also see her screen. You can always pause, rewind and rewatch the videos and use the lesson files on the included USB (or online) to try it out on your own.
  • After each lesson, you will complete the lesson project which most lessons have which is a design project so you get to practice what you learned during that lesson plus you create a project that a graphic designer may create on a day to day basis.
  • If you have any questions, you can always reach us via phone or email during our tech support hours. The amount of support you have depends on the support plan you choose.
  • You have access to the course videos for 12 months.
USB Package:
Windows computer with the capability to play audio and view videos. USB Drive
Photoshop Elements
Ability to use a mouse
Email or internet access if you would like to send in your projects for comments
Computer with at least the following:
  • I5 processor
  • 8gb RAM
  • USB drive
  • Mouse
  • 15-inch screen

You will receive your support information with your course package.

Anywhere from 1 month and up. It depends on how intensely you schedule yourself. We recommend completing 1-2 lessons with projects per week.

If you need an extension for support and feedback it is $99/month

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