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Does this sound like you?
  • You have the perfect design in mind but are super frustrated that you cannot create it…in Word, Publisher or Printshop. It is always come out just plain off and you are ready to give up!!

  • You have tried to teach yourself, but you found that everything was taking so long…Plus you are not really sure what you really need to know to succeed as a Graphic Designer.

  • And…what you did manage to finally teach yourself, you are not sure you are doing it right…or if the designs you create looks right since you are the only one commenting on your design work…so it must look great…or not?

  • Are you ready to throw in the towel, thinking that maybe graphic design is not for you…Maybe you need to work in accounting? But the thought of waking up every day working with numbers not color makes your heart sink to the floor?

Now imagine…
  • Less frustration: Learn the professional tools that will help you take the vision you had in your head and bring it to life in print. Gain access to super clear video lessons, broken down into easy to understand building blocks…We have taught this course live to many students, many times, so we know which questions you may ask. And yes, all those answers are woven into each lesson. If you have a can contact our support team!

  • More Creativity: You will gain from our weekly emails, where we share newly videos, interesting designs and other goodies that will stoke your creativity from a small flame into a raging fire!

  • More Time: You will learn the secret tips and tricks you could only dream of gaining after years of experience….since your teachers are super experienced designs!

  • More Flexibility. You want to be able to wrap the course around your schedule. You will experience flexibility within our structured course. Receive reminders and updates continuously from our staff in order to keep you on track.

  • You want to learn from your own location without sacrificing the quality of the course. Our classes are developed, recorded and edited to ensure consistently clear delivery from an experienced instructor. The classes are known for their clarity and ease of learning.

  • You want to put into practice what you learn so it becomes second nature. Our lessons are designed with matching assignments that will allow you to put the knowledge and tools you have gained during the lesson into actual use by creating a design project according to a brief which simulates real-life scenarios. After each topic is covered, you will create a larger scale final project which will allow you to draw from the knowledge gained during that module.

  • You want to complete the program with a portfolio. The assignments and final projects completed during the program form portfolio. An instructor guides each student in the portfolio creation process. Our students accept jobs even while they are taking our fantastic Graphic Design Program.

    Check out our student portfolios

Whether you are just tippy-toeing into the field of Graphic Design…or you have been playing around with the programs for some time, I will teach you all you really need to know, so that you too can succeed as a Graphic Designer.

…The main thing to know is that knowledge of Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign on its own will not transform you into a great Graphic Designer. You need knowledge in design, practice designing and someone to mentor and guide you along the way. PLUS, the inborn creativity you were born with

This is the recipe for success. I will be your chef, giving you these crucial ingredients you need to succeed.

I believe that anybody that is creative, enjoys using computers and has a burning ambition and drive to become a great designer, will succeed. It just takes a little bit of patience, some detailed instructions (I will be your awesome guide) and the right amount of resources (tucked into your bonus materials section).

That’s why I created this course.

This course is divided into 4 topic sections and 2 levels. 
Design Foundations + Design in-Depth

You’ll establish a firm foundation for taking on professional design work through the foundational + in-depth courses in design principles, typography, color theory as well as practical design concepts such as advertising, marketing, postcard and brochure design, packaging, logo design and more. You will receive tips on how to improve your work and learn new design skills through feedback received from our experienced designers. Preparation for print will also be covered.


A comprehensive class, with an emphasis on the application of concepts to real work situations. You will work on many images! Projects include everything from simple color correction to complex photo retouching including collaging. The course covers beginners to advanced selections, retouching, layers, patterns, adjustment layers, masks, type effects, pen tool and paths, and special filters, automation and animation.


A completely hands-on approach to creating illustrations and beautiful type with Adobe Illustrator. Students create many illustrations while strategies for easy execution are discussed and practiced. The course covers drawing, typography, shape combination, special effects, layers, patterns, blends, custom color, logo creation, packaging design concepts and more.


InDesign is covered comprehensively, including basic layout, text and graphics manipulation, drawing tools, color creation and application, style sheets, master pages, multiple pages, justification, hyphenation, cool effects, layout skills and much more.

How much does it cost?

I created Graphic Design Foundations for creative individuals like you who are thirsting to go into the field of Graphic Design (and make money while doing so!).

I have taken the knowledge I have gained from working as a Graphic Designer AND teaching and mentoring many Graphic Designers and bundled it into a crystal clear, easy to understand series of video lessons.

You will also benefit from our awesome support and feedback on your design projects…so that you will grow quickly into the designer you dream of being.


Includes all Fall 2019 Design and Business additions



Just wanted to introduce myself

Hi, I am Malkie Scholnick … The Founder and Course Director at The Bold Edge. I have helped many people on their road to becoming Graphic Designers.

When I first stumbled into the Graphic Design field around 18 years ago it was very different. I felt lost in a sea of software and design with nobody to guide me. I stumbled on many obstacles, wasted mega amounts of precious time and made a fool of myself upteen times…

These experiences honed my design skills, sharpened my software knowledge to a super bold edge (hence the name, Bold Edge!) and transformed who I am as a creative and Graphic Designer. I was determined that I would smooth out the deep pits and rocky terrain so beginner designers can feel the support I never felt. So that they can advance as a Graphic Designer in a silky smooth way without wasting time and effort.

Fast forward 9 long years, Mission accomplished. A former student said: “I refer people to Bold Edge Graphic Design Foundations because you have always been available to answer my questions, even long after I finished the program!”

Like a baby just starting to walk on tottering legs, confident in the background support of its parents.

This is why I created this course…for you…so that you feel confident to create because you are supported.

I look forward to helping you too achieve your Graphic Design dream.

Get ready to enter the world of design!

Here is what our former students say:

I have really enjoyed doing the Graphic Design course! The lessons were enjoyable and the information given over was really clear. If I ever had questions, all I had to do was send an email and I would quickly get a response! The communication was fantastic. I would definitely – without a doubt – recommend this course to anyone.

Nechama Dina Sufrin, London
It was a real pleasure dealing with The Bold Edge from beginning to end. Thank you Malkie for the amazing tech support that guided me throughout the course. My questions were always answered with such expertise and enthusiasm. I really enjoyed getting feedback from the homework assignments because it helped me improve my work and reach my goals.
Leah R., Detroit, MI
The teaching style was full of very useful field related tips scattered throughout the lessons, in addition to all the necessary information conveyed. I had to listen to some of the lessons multiple times to absorb the wealth of information the lessons contained, but never because they lacked clarity. The difficult material was always explained [and often repeated!] in an easy to understand clear manner.

I enjoyed best listening to the clarity of the lessons as the instructor gave the course, as described above. The incredible amount of extra resources included in the course for me to keep does truly qualify to be classified as”Better than what I expected”.

AE Pilchick, New York, NY
Malkie and The Bold Edge have taught me how infinite, yet reachable the world of design is! It’s about applying yourself to the lessons that are taught so profoundly and picking up on Malkie’s professional techniques. Thank You The Bold Edge for being the ‘jump start’ to my career and getting to me this stage of being a Graphic Design freelancer and teacher here in London.
Esther Blum, London
This course is for you, if:
  • You would like to learn what you really need to know about Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign.

  • You want to go beyond just learning how to use the software–you want in-depth coverage of professional design.

  • You don’t want to grapple alone in the dark…You need feedback and support with design projects from experienced designers.

  • You are too busy to learn Graphic Design on your own and are looking for a clear blueprint to follow.

  • You want the flexibility of being able to create your own course schedule.

Some common questions

You need to be very comfortable using a computer. Don’t worry though, we will teach you the Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign from ground zero!

Once we receive your completed registration form we start preparing your program package.

Each program package is packed into our signature stylish folder in which you will find:

  1. A course outline booklet which tells you what you will cover in each lesson along with a homework assignment.
  2. A QuickStart guide which gives you full information on how to get started and take the course (of course if you have questions you can contact us!)
  3. Your USB drive which contains all of the course videos, design videos, all files talked about during the lessons so that you can follow along on your own computer. A bonus section with lots of free downloaded images you can use in your projects, many amazing free fonts and some reference materials and video tutorials.
  • Each lesson is made up of a video recording on which you hear the instructor talk and you also see her screen. You can always pause, rewind and rewatch the videos and use the lesson files on the included USB to try it out on your own.
  • After each lesson, you will complete the HW assignment which most lessons have which is a design project so you get to practice what you learnt during that lesson plus you create a project that a graphic designer may create on a day to day basis.
  • If you have any questions, you can always reach us via phone or email during our tech support hours. (if they ask what the tech support hours are tell them the current tech support hours) The amount of support you have depends on the support plan you choose.
  • You have access to the course videos for 12 months.

We do regularly post job openings that we find all over the world. We BH have had many students find jobs after this course in an office or freelance…and even complete paying jobs during the course. We have businesses reaching out to us all the time with jobs they have available!

It is a fantastic program to get you started successfully in the Graphic Design field. It is also great for those that would like to do graphic design as a side business, as an add-on to their primary career.

This course has a lot of success converting raw talent into professional design, through comprehensive course lessons and  in-depth feedback on design projects throughout the course.

You will be next!

You will receive your support information with your course package. You will receive email and phone support details.

Anywhere from 3 months and up. It depends on how intensely you schedule yourself. We recommend completing 1-2 lessons with assignments per week. We also regularly email you to keep you on track.

You will complete the course with knowledge of Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign. You will also have a portfolio of designs which you have created during the course

You can always buy a monthlysupport/feedback extension.
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We suggest you get the Adobe CC student subscription from The subscription includes all the programs you will cover during the course.

I want to get started!