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We help people like you grow their creative and business skills from scratch, and explode their business and career potential.


Graphic Design Foundations

Creative? Love using computers? Combine them into the fabulous field of Graphic Design. Take your first step into the exciting field of Graphic Design. Learn Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign PLUS the Foundations of Design.

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Creative Idea Machine

A common problem that designers face is generating creative ideas for their clients. In this innovative module, we will explore many different methods of idea generation. Starting with pinpointing the real problem, generating solutions and finally coming up with your breakthrough creative idea.

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Love Photos? Have fun while converting your photos into fabulous creations. Learn how to adjust, crop, collage, apply cool photo effects and create some really awesome projects such as family trees, photo books, scrapbooking, favors and more.

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Business of Design

This program covers the Business of Design. We go into pricing, proposals, contracts and setting customer policies. You will also learn good customer service methods and tools tactics that will help you get the money quicker.

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Web Design for Graphic Designers

As a Graphic Designer you know you need to embrace Web Design. But–all that technobabble and code just confuses you and scares you off. We will break down the concepts you need to know, in easy to understand pieces of information. Now, you can use your fabulous Graphic Design skills to do what you love (for the web) without all that technobabble.

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