It’s Chanukah…How does that affect your design?

Hello Monday! Today I will deviate from our custom of showcasing a designer. Instead we will explore a time period: Which One? Greek of course...because its Chanukah!! The Greeks are the first to develop and extensively use a series of moldings to delineate the outlines of buildings. Check this out...and get inspired by the [...]

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Webinar Recording: Create great Photo Giftware

Webinar Recording: Creating Great Photo Giftware How to create unique giftware using your own photos. Get loads of idea and resources. This is a complete recording of our live Webinar given on December 4, 2012. This text will be replaced Please click here  to view and join our upcoming free Live Webinars Please let [...]

Freebie: Create your own Chanukah Bag

We have created especially for all ages a fabulous build-your-own-Chanuka-bag freebie! It is interesting how the idea came about. Batsheva F., a current student of The Bold Edge Jewish Design Central, sent in her homework assignments which was to create her own original pattern in Illustrator and apply it to a [...]

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Freebie: Free Hebrew Fonts

After many requests on the LinkedIn group I head up: Jewish Women Creatives Worldwide, I decided that I will just create a blog post here on The Bold Edge Jewish Design Central with all the amazing free Hebrew fonts I have amassed. The funny thing is that for English fonts there are [...]

Freebies: Welcome to Chanukah Season

Freebies: Welcome to Chanukah Season Chanukah is here. that means doughnuts are here for Chanuka. They are one and the same. My son told me this morning that we have to have doughnuts, the way he said it was like if there are no doughnuts on Rosh Chodesh Kislev, we did not fulfill an [...]

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