It’s Chanukah…How does that affect your design?

Hello Monday! Today I will deviate from our custom of showcasing a designer. Instead we will explore a time period: Which One? Greek of course...because its Chanukah!! The Greeks are the first to develop and extensively use a series of moldings to delineate the outlines of buildings. Check this out...and get inspired by the [...]

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Shhh…we found some design freebies for you!

  Hello Monday. This week we will learn a little bit about Saul Bass. Saul Bass was born on May 8, 1920, in the Bronx, New York, United States, to Eastern European Jewish immigrant parents. Bell, Kleenex, AT&T? These were all designed by Bass. The interesting thing is that even though he designed many iconic [...]

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Marketing and Design Digest 2/12/14

This week has been really exciting. From attending a marketing event (and meeting lots of amazing people), to working on some exciting new projects. Let's get started on some amazing things we have come across this week: 1. Some things I heard at the marketing event that I would like to pass along to [...]

Marketing and Design Daily Tidbits 2/14/13

Marketing and Design Daily Tidbits DAY THIRTEEN: THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 14, 2013 Today was a great day spent outdoors. I decided to go explore a neighborhood I visit maybe once in 7 years. It felt a little touristy and exciting. It is nice to see how different neighborhoods have different designs according to their clientele. [...]

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Freebie: Free Hebrew Fonts

After many requests on the LinkedIn group I head up: Jewish Women Creatives Worldwide, I decided that I will just create a blog post here on The Bold Edge Jewish Design Central with all the amazing free Hebrew fonts I have amassed. The funny thing is that for English fonts there are [...]

Use Hebrew in Illustrator and Indesign without Adobe ME

A common thing that some of us have to deal with is needing to have the ability to type in Hebrew in the Adobe programs. This comes to the fore especially in Indesign.  After poking around a bit to a lower cost alternative to Adobe ME, I found Scribedoor for Indesign and Scribedoor for [...]

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Web Typography Personality

We have so far gone into Type Personality Part 1 and Type Personality Part 2. I think now we are ready to go into various things that come into consideration when designing type for your website or in other words Web Typography or Web Typography personality. This is one of the key points we go into during [...]

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