Stare worthy designs…PLUS idea generation FREEBIE!

  Hello Monday. Today we will start with Erik Nitsche (1908-1988). He left an unmistakable mark on the world of design in his approximately 60 year career. Leaving almost no field untouched, he worked as an art director, book designer, illustrator, typographer, graphic designer, photographer, advertiser, and packaging designer. His graphic design work included [...]

Shhh…we found some design freebies for you!

  Hello Monday. This week we will learn a little bit about Saul Bass. Saul Bass was born on May 8, 1920, in the Bronx, New York, United States, to Eastern European Jewish immigrant parents. Bell, Kleenex, AT&T? These were all designed by Bass. The interesting thing is that even though he designed many iconic [...]

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Yes, You gotta try again…

We will be starting off a new series in which we will be sending a little bit of magic to your mailbox (at unexpected times)! You will get snippets of some design, marketing, business and other miscellaneous stuff we are excited about. Oh, and to be part of it all, follow us on Pinterest @theboldedge, [...]

Marketing and Design Digest 1/7/2014

After a long break (during which we were busy developing courses, coming out with a monthly marketing column in the Mishpacha "Marketing Magic" -Have you seen it?), we have some goodies to share with you! First I want to share with you a great link to 100 free fonts. I am sure you will [...]

Design and Marketing roundup 10/30/13

Design and Marketing roundup 10/30/13 This week has been busy and interesting. Between getting started on some exciting new projects (don't worry we will keep you updated!) and working through some technical difficulties with one of our computers in the office, we were kept on our toes! We do however have for you some [...]

Design and Marketing roundup 10/23/13

This week we have some great goodies. Our fabulous Web Design course just started last week and of course as we prepared for the course (we constantly update and add new course material, so come upon such cool things) A great mix of Marketing and design stuff.  Are you looking to ramp up your [...]

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