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Learn the Business of Design

It is not enough to know how to design

You also need to know how to make money with your designs!

Get answers to the questions you always had…

Like pricing, proposals/contracts, customer service and setting policies

Let’s get down to business

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This course is perfect for you if:

  • You have trouble figuring out your pricing. Feel comfortable asking what you are worth! Learn about hourly vs. project based. How to figure out the correct price that your customers will want to pay

  • You want to enjoy designing for your clients. Want to avoid issues with clients? Learn what kind of policies are crucial to have in place.
  • You would love to have more clients. We will explore different ways for you do build up your client base.

  • You would love to get paid. Contracts are crucial and we will go through some important elements that every contract must have. Additionly, get access to contracts that you can use in your business.

  • You need more direction with creating proposals. We will delve into proposal dos and don’ts…even when not to send a proposal.

  • You would love some tools to help getting money more streamlined (and quicker). Learn the tools designers use to maintain their invoicing an billing. Also, tricks to help get that money faster!

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This program covers the Business of Design. We go into pricing, proposals, contracts and setting customer policies. You will also learn good customer service methods and tools tactics that will help you get the money quicker.


(Launch price expires 5/17/17. Regular price is $69)

Course Launch Date: 5/07/17

  • 1 year course access
  • 2 months forum support
  • Numerous templates (including links to useful resources)
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