Who we are

At The Bold Edge, our ultimate goal is supporting your business or career. How do we help you succeed every day? Let us count the ways:

  1. We have a proven track record of helping our students and all designers worldwide by phone, email and live chat literally day and night. We hold your hand through training, portfolio prep, job placement and on!
  2. We created and moderate the first worldwide active LinkedIn group open to all Jewish Designers worldwide with support and job information.
  3. We created high quality courses either taken live or without internet access.
  4. We help employers by giving them quality, well trained employees.
  5. We can go on, but we will leave it up to our students and designers worldwide to say the rest… check out our testimonials and portfolios.


The Web design Comprehensive course was really good, thorough and given over very clearly. Malkie is AMAZING! She always had time to explain things again when I didn’t understand, she was so patient and understanding and all in all, a pleasure to work with. I honestly WILL miss the classes! The work of creating websites, once I already learned it, was stimulating and even fun, and continues to be. I find it similar to the thrill of doing difficult puzzles. I also love being able to have instant feedback to my work, when I see things working in a browser. Dear Malkie, I can’t think of anything specific that wasn’t top notch. Each lesson that I watch now, each and every time, I marvel at how clearly you explain things, you have something in your manner of teaching that is hard to find in a teacher. And I sincerely mean it! Thank You. Thank You. Thank You.
Rivky Spira, Inspira Design: Jerusalem, Israel
I found the Graphic Design Foundation Course at the Bold Edge to be amazingly informative. It teaches you every skill you can possibly need to master everything in the field of graphic design. Each lesson was exciting, fun, clear and easy to grasp, yet thorough and chock full of information. Taking this course has taught me how to carefully observe and note details in the world around me that most people wouldn’t even notice. I have acquired a new dimension to my vision!
Malkie, was and still is, available for technical support via phone or e-mail. Her vast knowledge and expertise bring a lifelike quality to every image she creates. Malkie, Thank you so much for helping me throughout the job hunt. I really enjoy my work. I’m lucky to have the opportunity to use my talent to the fullest. Thanks Again!
Sury S., Graphic Designer: Brooklyn, NY

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